Work From Home No Computer Required

Work from Home No Computer Required (5 Simple Ways)

Are you on the lookout for a job but can’t be bothered to leave the premises of your home or neighborhood? Are you in dire need of an income but quite reluctant to spend any more money on transportation fare? Well fortunately for you, you can earn money right where you are without traveling all the way to some workplace. Here we talk about how you can work from home no computer required:

1. Work from Home by Baking Pastries

Make tasty goodies or meals you can sell to your fellow neighbors or friendly acquaintances. You’ll need plenty of space in the refrigerator for this one. You can also invest in a refrigerator specialized for baked pastries if you’re looking to go further down this route.

List down prospective recipes you’re eying to sell. A sure way to evaluate and decide is by trying those recipes first. Then taste-test the goodies with your family or close friends and ask for their reviews.

If you’re not particularly familiar or adept at baking but still find yourself intrigued, I advise you to start slow and try easy recipes for baking or cooking first. Then get onto baking more elaborate goodies or meals.

2. Create and Sell Artwork

Work From Home No Computer RequiredIf you’re proficient in some art or craft, find a way to profit from it. Create artwork. Then sell them online using your smartphone ( is one option) You can also pin up some ads outdoors to showcase them and let people know that you have items to sell from your home.

Why not start selling your paintings, sketches, and even comic books? You can create art for others in exchange for commissions. If this becomes a lucrative business, you can go further and use tablet and iPad apps that could help you create better art. Check out Procreate, which is an iPad drawing app. You can use it for making illustrations, comics, or animations.

You can also repurpose old or unused items. Make interesting things from your everyday objects. Make something new out of what is old. Re-paint. Fix items up for a cleaner and newer look. Use items on hand to build something different altogether. Then sell your products ( is another option).

If you find yourself lacking in materials, don’t worry. Go online on your smartphone, and search on Facebook or other online marketplaces for objects that sell for low prices. Many times, you can get them for free! (also on You can also go to thrift stores or yard sales.

Lastly, you can start a stationery business and work from home no computer required. Make notebooks, letters, papers, and other stationery supplies. Those pretty East-Asian designs are very saleable nowadays. Pastel colors and cute characters are also trendy.

You can use the app Procreate to flesh out your designs more before printing them out. You’ll need to invest money in purchasing the app though, along with an Apple pen and iPad. Otherwise, you could just take pictures of your stationery designs on paper and make digital copies to print.

3. Do Hair and Beauty

Cut and style hair. Apply cosmetics. Try a hand at the art of make-up. You could brush up on your innate skills. If you’re just starting, search for YouTube tutorials and learn the basics using your smartphone. Then try out your skills first on family or close friends, or very adventurous acquaintances. You could even enroll in a school at first so you can learn more and get proper certifications.

You could also go for pet grooming if your tastes run that way. Then advertise for the locals or party needs and other events.

4. Use In-Demand Skills

dogwalkingDo tasks. There are skill-based jobs you can get hired for. Just place advertisements or start directly advertising your services in your local community, and with friends and peers you know.

Post an advertisement on Facebook or free ad placements. Go on your smartphone, and enlist at or to do some driving, grocery shopping, and more. You can just also start working around your neighborhood, and get paid to do housecleaning and other basic chores like mowing the lawn or walking the dog.

If you’re particularly good with kids, you can do childcare or babysitting. You can also house-sit, although this will entail some housework and maybe pet-sitting as well, particularly if the owners have pets. In any case, getting a temporary place to live in while getting paid for housesitting can be one desirable perk.

5. Rent Out Items You Own

Rent out the carAnother way to make a living from home is by renting out your own things. This brings in passive income. You won’t have to break a sweat. So if you’re swimming in a lot of stuff, and have no problems with sharing, then this may be good for you.

Place advertisements, or search online rental marketplaces on your phone. Then lend your things for a price.

Some of the items you can rent out are:

  • Cars, bicycles and boats
  • Sports and musical instruments
  • Garden tools and machinery

You can also rent out a spare room or two in your house on Airbnb or other rental sites.

Final Note on Work from Home No Computer Required

This wraps up our suggestions for how you can work from home no computer required. Remember that you can start small and slow, and you can begin with what items you have at home and what skills and talents you have within you. For skill-based home jobs, consider getting certification and further training so you can raise your rates after some time.

Good luck!