Great Tools I Use In My Online Business

In order to make money online using affiliate marketing, eCommerce or other similar methods, there are some basic tools that will facilitate your business ambitions and improve your chances of success significantly.

I have tried many tools over the years and I am currently using a few that have been of tremendous help to me.

Many time I get questions about what tools that I use for various purposes online.

Consequently, I put together this page, where I present my personal favorites that I use and that are crucial for my online business.

Email Autoresponder Service

In most cases, you’re going to need to have leads and customers to generate a significant income online.

Collecting those leads and customers in a smart way so that you will be able to oversee how your client base grows will be important for you to take appropriate actions and make improvements to your presence and campaigns online.

You’re also gonna want to cultivate a relationship with your followers and customers so that they will stay with you for the long term and hopefully buy additional products from you in the future.

All of these things are extremely difficult to do from a normal email account, especially when you start getting leads and signups on a daily basis.

The tool you need for this is called an autoresponder service, which is basically a professional email service that stores all of your leads and customers in a database for you and let’s you email them “in mass” at any time you prefer.

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You can mail your followers and leads spontaneously when you have a need to, or as part of a prearranged newsletter sequence, which is very useful if you are running any type of business online.

There are a wide variety of autoresponder services out there, the one I use is called GetResponse, I am very happy with their service and it is easy to use. You can check them out by clicking here, at the time of writing, they have a 30-day free trial period.

Landing Page Builder

But how do you collect leads and email addresses in the first place to put into your autoresponder service? Well the most common way to do this is by using a landing page and sales funnel.

I’m sure you have seen these around the internet, it is basically a simple page you land on, that promises you access to something in return for your email address.

There are a lot of landing page builders and platforms out there that will allow you to use already finished landing pages of various designs.

They also have the option for you to design the landing pages by yourself, it might sound hard if you’re a beginner, but it really isn’t.

You will learn how to set up your own landing pages in a few hours time and then once you know how to do it, you will be able to do it in ten minutes or so. Your landing page will then be linked to your autoresponder service.

One very good landing page and sales funnel builder that is easy to use and very robust is ClickFunnels, you can check it out by clicking here. They offer a free trial period as well.

Launching And Hosting Your Website

If you really want to establish your name on the internet and create a “home” that you have full control over, you might want to consider creating your own website/blog.

It may sound like a big task if you have no experience, but again, it doesn’t have to be. I am really no expert myself, but still I managed to put this basic website together using the WordPress website builder.

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To get your own website (similar to this one you’re on right now), you need to register a domain and get hosting for your website.

You can use Bluehost to register all this in a couple of minutes, they are very cheap and reliable, and they also offer you to use the WordPress website builder if you decide to use their service. Click here to get their special intro offer (domain name for 1st year is included for free).

Step-By-Step Training

If you feel putting all of these tools together sounds hard, or if you simply would prefer to get step-by-step help, then I would recommend you to join “The Success Challenge”.

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That is the very training program I went through, it was here I learned how to set up landing pages, email auto responders, link tracking systems etc., and how to make it all work together like a well-oiled machine.

More importantly, it was in this program I learned how to make money online by setting up multiple income streams for myself as an affiliate marketer.

You can check out a video about it by clicking here.


Free Internet Traffic Sources

Good quality “traffic” (visitors to your pages online) can often be a problem when you are starting out as a marketer online. I have compiled a list of great free traffic sources (with instructions) that are easy to start with if you are in need of internet traffic at the moment. You can read the article and see the video by clicking here.

Free Images And Design Tool

When you’re active online on different social platforms or if you have your own blog, you are going to have a growing need for images and designs of different kinds.

I usually find free images on Pixabay, it’s great because you’re allowed to use them for commercial purposes as well without any copyright problems.

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I then usually use Canva to make my designs for free as well. You can do anything from YouTube thumbnails, Facebook walls, to wedding invitations, on this platform. Very easy to get started with and user friendly, highly recommended as well.

YouTube Growth Tool

YouTube is a great platform to leverage if you have any kind of online business where traffic and branding are key elements. To get the most out of your YouTube videos (views, subscribers and more) you need to optimize your Channel in the best ways possible. I am using a free tool called TubeBuddy, it’s great given that it has helped med rank videos and get a ton of views on a consistent basis.

Well I guess that’s my “basic tools” that I frequently use online. I will probably add more tools to this list as time goes, If I find something that I really believe can be useful to you 🙂

All the best,


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Disclosure: This article contains one or more affiliate links (I’m an affiliate for BlueHost and GetResponse etc.) – which means I will be forwarded a small commission if you make a purchase through my links. This is at no additional cost to you and it helps keeping this website alive.

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