Free Traffic Sources

Free Traffic Sources That Are EASY To Start With

Updated 18 June 2021

In this article we are going through 13 free traffic sources for websites or for your offer pages online. This list of websites (in no particular order) is a great starting point for anyone looking for accessible free traffic sources.

Paid traffic sources are very popular these days. But, I will argue that you can still get enough traffic online by only using free traffic sources for your website.

However, when I say “free traffic sources”, please note that it is not completely free. You will have to put in time and effort in order to make it work…

How to drive traffic from Clubhouse app

Have you heard about the Clubhouse App yet? Well, it’s a relatively new social platform centered around live audio conversations between people or groups of people.

It is the platform where Elon Musk invited Vladimir Putin for a conversation between the two, which did not come into fruition so far…

People are now starting to use this app for business and marketing purposes as well. This is what you can do to drive traffic or sales:

  • Place links to your other social profiles on your Clubhouse bio.
  • After you’ve participated in conversations, encourage people to check out your bio, or, visit the other participants bios and connect with them that way. Some of them will check out your bio in return!
  • Also, try to be active and get as many followers as you can (like on other social platforms), and more people will start to pay attention to you and your links.

How to get traffic from TikTok

One of the most trending social platforms right now is without a doubt TikTok, hence it is important for any marketer to learn how to get traffic from TikTok.

A year or two ago, you would mostly find teenagers  using TikTok, but today it is completely different. If you try it yourself you’ll notice that many users are adults, if so young adults.

Many marketers that jumped on early are already seeing success on this platform with hundreds of thousands of followers.

So this is what you do, create a nice looking profile and ad your link in the bio. Next, follow some people in your niche to see how their videos look like and how they make their call to action.

Start creating your 15 second TikTok videos and upload these atleast once a day the first weeks and you will start seeing results and traffic from your link very soon.

How to get more traffic on Instagram

How to get more traffic on Instagram

Number two on our list today is Instagram. Instagram is still very hot and trendy at the moment. The marketing potential of this platform is huge and the amount of traffic circulating here is just insane…

In order to get more traffic on instagram, create a nice-looking profile with your link in the bio.

Follow some people every day and many of those people will follow you back. Also, try to like and comment on other peoples profiles frequently.

You can also connect directly with people on instagram by sending them direct messages.

Building a profile and following from scratch in Instagram does take time. But, there are a wide variety of tools that can help you get more traffic on instagram and facilitate growth if your time is limited…

Traffic Blueprint

Facebook – one of the best free traffic sources

Number three on our list is Facebook

Join Facebook groups everyday in your niche. Don’t join more than six to seven groups each day or your account might get locked. This happened to me once when I didn’t know this…

So, as an example, I went into the search field and I typed in “Fitness groups”.

How to get Facebook traffic

You can easily join these groups and when you have become a member you can make posts there on a daily basis. Don’t be spammy.

Try to make good posts, provide value, and build relationships, so that people will get curious about you and click your link that you have included (once in a while).

Always try to provide value and you will get clicks and traffic in return.

Drive traffic from forums

Forums can be a great free traffic source. There are thousands of accessible forums on the internet.

Try to find forums in your niche simply by just googling your keyword/niche + forums.

For example: Fitness Forums

Drive traffic from forums​

You can see here that we have a number of forums available already. What you do is:

  • you become a member in several of these forums
  • try to post on a daily basis by providing value and being positive
  • interact with other members and create relationships
  • add your link as a signature in your posts.

After a while, people will start getting curious about you and start clicking your link. This method is very powerful…

How to get traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is an AMAZING source for free traffic.

Create a good-looking profile and follow people in your niche.

The maximum “following” allowed is about 300 people per day. If you follow this amount of people, many of those will start following you back…

Create beautiful and attractive posts or “pins” on your “boards” and include your link on the images.

I would recommend you to use this free tool called Canva, you can create beautiful images and pins here.

However, when using the Pinterest method, don’t be too egoistic and only pin your images on the boards, that will not work. Pin other peoples’ images as well. Preferably other peoples’ images 90 % of the time and your images about 10 %.

When you later have a lot of followers and images on your boards, you will start noticing that traffic will start flooding…

How to get traffic from Quora

Another great place for free traffic is

Quora is a place where you can post questions about “anything and everything” and get in-depth answers.

It’s like a big place for discussion and conversation. To participate and harvest the traffic, do this:

  • create a profile,
  • try to find a question about your subject and in your niche,
  • write a quality, lengthy answer to that question and
  • include your link somewhere.

If your post is good, people will be curious and start clicking your link…

Twitter is another great free traffic source

How to get traffic from Twitter​Some people claim that Twitter marketing is dead but some people still wonder how to get traffic from twitter. I can say it is not dead and you can still drive traffic from Twitter. Here’s how:

Create a nice-looking profile and start making posts daily.

You can even get a tool that will make posts for you by automation, just Google “Twitter automated post tools”.

Put your link in your Twitter bio and start following hundreds of people daily – many of those will follow you back.

You can also get “laser targeted” leads from Twitter as you can search for people by using specific keywords, and you can direct message people with similar interests if you prefer.

How to get traffic from Tumblr

Tumblr is a platform with great marketing potential as well. Make sure you make your profile look really cool, authentic and make posts almost every day.

The cool thing about Tumblr is that you can schedule your posts in advance, so that you don’t have to do it manually every day…

Include your link in some of your posts.

Follow as many people as you can on Tumblr in your niche. Those who follow you back will add up and traffic will become massive after a while.

There are also plenty of tutorials to be found about Tumblr on YouTube.

Traffic Secrets

How to get traffic from Snapchat

free traffic sourcesSnapchat is still a popular platform and it is a bit similar to Instagram.

I’m not using it myself because I don’t have the time to be on every platform, but many people are using it.

Check out their website/app to learn more about it and make sure to profit from it while it’s still hot and has great traffic potential!

How to get traffic from Reddit

Reddit is a place where you can post articles about basically anything.

It is a huge platform and can be used to get lots of traffic – if used correctly.

However, it takes a bit of time and patience to build up a profile here and get some “Karma” as they call it.

After having made a series of (valuable) posts, try to include a link here and there to your website and traffic will start coming your way…

How to get traffic from YouTube

Alright so one of my favorite free traffic sources for getting free traffic online and for creating almost passive income streams is YouTube.

free traffic sourcesYouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world after Google and the amount of traffic you can get from here is just unbelievable.

Create an account (Google account) and channel and start making simple and small videos in your niche about your subject.

You can even make videos with PowerPoint if you don’t want to film yourself.

After having made maybe 10 videos, one or two of those will most likely be a hit or get more views then the rest, and people will start checking out your other videos as well.

Don’t give up, keep going at it and make more videos.

You can even create several channels on different topics using keywords that people search for.

Create individual and interesting video titles and make sure to write a video description that includes those keywords as well.

Put your link just under the video so that people can find it easily. Keep this up and traffic from YouTube will be flooding your website like never before.

Learn how to optimize and do SEO for your video titles and more by reading my article Keyword research for YouTube.

Drive traffic with is an open source decentralized platform for internet freedom where you can get paid in crypto etc. for your contributions to their community.

You can make posts on here like on other social platforms out there. It looks a little bit like Facebook or Twitter, something in between of those.

At the moment they have about 3 million visitors a month on this platform. The traffic seems primarily to be coming from United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

How to get traffic with HubPages

HubPages has been around for a while, I have heard about it before, but I have never used it myself to drive traffic.

HubPages is a kind of blogging network where you can make your own pages and write articles about different niches that you’re interested in.

You can get a lot of followers here if you use it consistently. Just sign up and start writing.

free traffic sources

The cool thing is that you can actually get paid here as well if you have a lot of views on your HubPages site.

You can have ads showing on your page, so people are actually making some money here as well.

When I clicked around on HubPages I saw (on their frontpage) that one person is making about 300 dollars per month, another is making about 950 per month and a third one had lifetime earnings of about 30,000 dollars (which is not bad for just writing and creating a blog…).

This platform also seem to have a primarily English speaking base of visitors.

How to drive traffic with LiveJournal

LiveJournal is another blogging platform where you can create your own pages, have articles and post links.

This platform has also been around for a while and they still have a large amount of traffic… They get about 150 million visitors a month, which is ridiculous…

However, you should know that a lot of these visitors come from Russia and the Ukraine and then thirdly from the United States…

But again, if you’re interested in getting a lot of visitors via your links to your website, you should go look into LiveJournal…

I hope you found today’s article about free traffic sources useful. If you have any suggestions about additional traffic sources that you are using, feel free to leave a comment about them below!

Get Traffic from Medium

One of the most popular free traffic sources today among bloggers and website owners is Medium is a blogging platform that already has a built-in audience that you can profit from.

When you have written a valuable blog post ready for publication on Medium, you’ll be able to embed your YouTube video and link to your own website or blog. Make this a routine and enjoy a flow of increased traffic.

How to Get Traffic from Guest Blogging


Writing guest posts for other established blogs and websites is a great way to get lots of traffic back to your own blog. If people like what they read on your guest post, chances are they will click your link to read more what you have to say on that topic on your website.

Another great thing about guest blogging is that backlinks to your own website will help it rank higher in the Google search results – which in turn will increase your organic traffic.

Increase traffic using a blog content syndication strategy

When you have written a blog post, you can literally copy it, or parts of it, and publish on big social media platforms.

Make sure to have included some internal links in the text to other blog posts on your main blog/website.

Besides the benefit of getting heavy backlinks to your blog, you will also gradually start to see an increase in visitors, thanks to those links you have in the text on other platforms.

If you feel cautious about this strategy, read this article first, and then see the helpful video below that shows this in practice.

PS. Don’t forget to bookmark this page as I will continue to add more free traffic sources to it.